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One-on-One Consultation


Whether you are getting ready for the big wedding, expecting a baby, or simply eager to see a better you in the mirror, I'd be thrilled to help you to acheive your goal by sharing all I know from my real life experience. I'm open to both in person or  virtual consultation via the internet. Please complete below form for detail inquiry.





Anti-Aging Skincare 皮膚保養


This 45 minutes workshop will focus on how to preserve your skin by doing the minimum, with basic products. There's no reason why you can't look 10 years younger when I can easily do so by following my simple routine.




  • Personal Analysis on Your Skin 個人皮膚分析

  • Proper Daily Routine 正確的日常護理步驟

  • Diet & Supplement 飲食與營養

  • Common Bad Habits 常犯的壞習慣

  • Q & A 問答

(Schedule/Location 時間地點: TBA)



Slim Down Workout 懶人運動


If you have been working out and still seeing no results in terms of sliming down, PLEASE come to hear what I have to say! Most people (including trainers) are unaware of all the habits in daily life that's stopping us to slim down. With my observation and real life practice for the past 15 years, I can show you how to acheive your goal in the most healthy, effortless way. This 45 minutes workshop will end with demonstration of express workout to help shaping a slender, toned body.




(Schedule/Location 時間地點: TBA)


Thank you for registering! You will receive an email confirmation detailing the workshop you've selected within 48 hours.

Great! You will hear from Jessie soon.

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