It was easy to look and feel great when we were 18. But then it all becomes a slippery slope. We can't alter our DNA, nor can we stop aging; but it's up to us to do little something everyday for a healthier, younger looking body!


With years of accumulative learning and practices, I hope my sharing will be helpful for you to take better care of your body and enjoy the coming years with optimal self-confidence and energy ^^

保養是無分年齡或性別界限的。所有愛惜自己的人,都應該好好地照顧自己。假如你能為今天的身體 '保鮮',年齡只是一個數字。我們每天為夢想和家人而忙碌,希望獲得豐富的人生歷練和成果後,可以安閒享福。但若不小心保養,恐­怕到時剩下來的會是蒼老疲憊的軀體。希望我多年來悟出的一些心得能幫助大家延續青春氣色,朝氣蓬勃地享受每一天。


                                                                          - Jessie

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